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Multi Media Mon, 20 Nov 2017 00:16:26 +0000 Joomla! 1.6 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Stand-Alone Private Pilot License Stand-Alone Private Pilot License
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Prerequisite: ESL (see the ESL - Aviation page)

Anti-requisite: None

What you get: A Transport Canada Private Pilot License. This approved course is ideal for pilots who wish to fly for fun.

How Long it Takes: Students will normally complete this program in 12 to 15 weeks. Note: these are Transport Canada minimum times. HFC experience suggests longer times will be required for most students.

What is included:

  • 45 hours total time, including 17 hours dual and 28 hours of solo flying
  • Aviation communications course
  • Communication proficiency test
  • All administrative fees
  • 10 hours ground briefings
  • Ground School and books
  • Written and flight tests


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Commercial Multi IFR Program

CAAC Contract Training Program

Huron Flight Centre Inc. is pleased to offer the following flight training program. This offer is priced in Canadian Dollars. Taxes where applicable are extra.

This program is applicable to companies, airlines, colleges or other organizations who wish to train their personnel to qualify them to fly aircraft in commercial operations. The program is directed to the Chinese market, and will provide graduates with 250 hours of flight experience, ground school, and ground briefings that will qualify for equivalence with a Chinese Commercial license. Accommodations are available. A minimum class size of 5 trainees per group is required.

In Canada, Transport Canada is the regulator of aviation, like CAAC in China. Huron Flight Centre is an approved Transport Canada Flight Training Unit.

Huron Flight Centre offers multiple airports for trainees to fly from, to ensure timely training, avoiding lineups for takeoff that waste valuable trainee time.

This 250 hour program will allow trainees to convert their license to CAAC standard upon return to China.



Private License

50 hours dual

Commercial License

35 hours dual


20 hours dual


20 hours dual

Multi Engine

25 hours dual


100 hours solo

Ground School & Books

Ground Briefings

70 hours

Flight Test



HFC Written Tests

Total Hours:





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Float Rating Program Float Rating Program (Sea Plane Endorsement)
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What it costs: $6,025


Prerequisite: Commercial, Single IFR, Multi IFR, Advanced, or Professional Program, ESL (see the ESL - Aviation page)


Anti-requisite: None


What you get: The privilege to take off and land on water. Many countries around the world have cities that are easy to access from a lake, river, or sea. A float rating will allow you to take advantage of this method of transportation.


How Long it Takes: Students normally complete this program in 12 to 14 weeks


What is Included:


  • 15 hours of dual flight instruction
  • 15 hours of ground briefings and instruction
  • Seaplane written test
  • Seaplane flight test
  • All administrative fees
  • Books and materials


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